Meaning Behind TH3 ON3®


I've struggled in silence for most of my adult life; living in the shadows. I'm an absolute expert in pretending that everything's alright, when really, it's not. 

What's up, I'm Suneel, I was born and raised in London and I've overcome [and still overcoming to this day] mental health challenges including major depressive episodes, crippling anxiety, being suicidal, intense loneliness, addiction and worst of all, Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts, which when coupled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a living nightmare. OCD is really not just simply being particular about lining up all your pencils on your desk, but a widely misunderstood disorder that can run your whole life, if you let it. I've now started to take the power back.

Regardless of all of that, I still show up, still keep going, still keep trying and want to use my story as an inspiration to others that you too can come back hard and still achieve your mission. In spite of all that you have going on in your life, I'm living proof that You Too Can Overcome.

The Message Behind The Brand

This clothing line and the wording expressed on the apparel [both on the front and back of each garment] embodies my personal life experiences of being fiercely resilient, tenacious and overcoming severe adversity.

The main message that this clothing brand sends out to others around you when wearing an item is this:
You could've let your circumstances break you, but you CHOSE to rise up, and let them make you, instead.


Wording on clothing inspired by personal life experiences of overcoming hardship...