Frequently Asked Questions


What are the general delivery times of orders?

We provide Standard shipping [no Express just yet] for orders within the UK, taking 4-6 business days to be delivered.

This is a bit long, we know. To make up for this, shipping is free. Free is good.

See our Shipping Policy for full details.

Can I track my order after purchase?

Yes, you can spy on your package. Input your tracking number here.

We use Evri as our courier, who provide a 16-digit tracking number for your delivery, usually starting with the characters 'H0'.

You can find your tracking number within your Orders in your Account on the top right of our site. Alternatively, you can find your tracking number via the confirmation email of your purchase by clicking on 'View your order', to which you will then see your Evri tracking number.

You can also download the Evri or Shop app [if you paid for your fresh garment using Shop Pay] to make tracking your delivery more smooth.

What technology is used in the printing process?

The current process used is the Direct-to-Garment [DTG] method of printing. This is the equivalent to digital printing for paper and DTG is ideal for printing on cotton. DTG is also more eco-friendly than other printing methods [water-based ink meaning less waste].

Bonus: We will be introducing Embroidery to future designs / products, which will embellish a cool texture to our print. Hold tight. Soon come.

What materials are the clothing made of?

Our Hoodies & Sweats are made up of Cotton [varying between ring-spun, combed, pre-shrunk, French Terry and organic - depending on the product], blended with Polyester. The cotton type differs for each garment; details of which are found on each product page. All of our T-shirts are 100% cotton.

This premium blend ensures a soft and comfortable feel [meaning that when you rub your face on them for no reason, they'll feel nice], while also providing durability and long-lasting quality. Boom.

Wha is the Unisex Size Guide?

All of our current apparel items are designed to be gender-neutral [even though this site may initially give the impression that this is menswear only, it ain't].

We want all genders to represent our clothing, as we ALL have a story that can be an inspiration to help others.

Note: For women, you may want to order 1 size down. For example, if you usually wear a medium, you may want to order a small for a more accurate fit.

Additional FAQs

In the Size Guide, what is meant by Half Chest?

Click here for the explanation of Length, Half Chest and Sleeve Length as well as well as a visual image of how to measure each, with reference to the Size Guide tables provided on each respective product page.

Note: These measurements have been provided by our suppliers / printing partners.

How should I care for my clothing item?

It is important that you follow the detailed Care Instructions [the boring stuff] provided on each product page.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your exclusive apparel lasts so that you can inspire those around you with your garment's powerful messaging for a long time.

Why do my fresh new garments have a vinegar-like smell when opening my package?

That's the smell of newness. This is normal when you first unleash your new garment into the world. The smell is derived from a fixation agent [sometimes known as pre-treatment], which supports the chemistry of the ink [print] in order to form strong bonds with the fabric, applied during the printing process. You may, on the rare occasion, also notice an off-white or slightly brown residue.

Both the smell and residue are completely normal, and temporary. They should easily disappear after one wash. Mmm, clean.

Are there any customs fees to pay if an order is shipped internationally?

When an order is printed locally in the UK [most of the time], then no customs fees will be added. Very occasionally, we may route an order to a different producer [usually nearby in Europe] and ship the product from there. Where an order is routed to is determined by an algorithm that works to ensure stock availability, production capacity, and general logistics in order to ensure smooth and fast delivery.

Customs fees therefore may apply based on local regulations when we ship internationally across borders. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors based on the product itself. Any fees are paid to the appropriate customs agency by yourself, the end customer.

This is referred to as DDU [Delivery Duty Unpaid], meaning that you will get contacted by customs once your shipment arrives, and will have to settle any [usually small] charges in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered to you. We know that in this rare circumstance, this isn't fun, but a requirement nevertheless.

What if the colours of different products are slightly inconsistent?

Printing is a chemical process and 100% consistency cannot be achieved [such is life]. Multiple factors influence the colour, consistency, and final result: machine type, machine settings, paper types, humidity in the room, when the machine was last cleaned [just to name a few examples].

Colour variations that may occur due to the above-mentioned reasons lie within the acceptable tolerance levels and are as such not covered under our supplier's quality guarantee.